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mistakes. >> it all seems abstract. >> obama: the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> i acknowledge the president's success and i think he has every right to take credit. >> this president's policies have not been equal to global leadership. >> obama campaign releasing a new ad. >> reckless, amateurish. >> he has been erratic. >> a new poll showing romney slightly ahead. >> the new poll. >> conservatives are saying we're not going fight with him now. we're going to wait until after the election. >> cenk: now, you all remember the good ol' days, before the first presidential debate when president obama was comfortably up. in a gallup poll he was up by five points. and a certain talk show host made this prediction. >> so barring a major miracle i'm calling the election right now. it's already over. >> cenk: oops. the gallup poll out today 47%-47%. for those of you math-challenged, that would be a tie. what did i say again? it's already over. >> cenk: oh, boy. now, that was just one poll. i have other polls for you. gallup, as i just showed you the 47-
please, pleads send us richard mourdock. we need this man in the united states senate. now, he said that in in the september 17th fundraiser, of course. also another man running for united states senate--these are not podunk guys in local communities. these are not bloggers. these are not tangential figures. todd akin is also run running for united states senate in missouri. you remember this moment, of course. >> you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraceptions seem a bit extreme so i looked into it. >> cenk: sorry, guys i meant to give you the quote from todd akin. todd akin said if it's a legitimate rape, you all remember that, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. but let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist and not talking the child. i want to give you the last part of that for good reason. they always talk about oh, you know we've got difference of opinions. romney says, i have got an exception for rape and incest. and aki
the deficit, unlike governor romney's. >> please welcome the 44th 44th president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> rape is rape. it is a crime. this is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians mostly male making decisions about women's health care decisions. >> good morning, tampa. we just came from iowa, nevada, colorado, we're going to virginia. you may notice that my voice sounds a little hoarse. you heard governor romney's sales pitch. no no, don't boo vote. >> virginia, i believe in you. i'm asking you to continue believing in me. if you're willing to roll up your sleeves with me, we'll win the commonwealths of virginia again, we'll win the election and finish what we started. >> he might win virginia and a lot of the swing states. he's got a really good chance of losing the popular vote. let me show you the combination of polls as they stand. 47.2% to 47.1%. doesn't get any closer than that. unless there is a change within the next 24 hours, 24 hours ago mitt romney was winning by 4.2%. when you look at the averages right now, president obama is pro
they think should be president of the united states? >> oh, for christ's sake, how many public personas is he going to have. 28 days before the election, oh, let me figure out this public persona. he's mr. number 47. remember, what he says in public changes all the time. what he says in private is what's really interesting. of course, everybody remembers mr. 47%. >> that's the real mitt romney, who doesn't give a damn about 47% of this country and no debate changed that. what, he was a better actor in the debate than president obama so all of a sudden he cares about the 47% because he's found a new public persona? this is a load of crap. don't get fooled into thinking mitt romney is actually the better candidate. he's a horrible candidate! the fact that president obama laid down in that debate drives me crazy. now, second number of 47 is unrelated but also happens to be 47. he was 47th in job creation among 50 states when he was the governor of massachusetts. on what grounds does mitt romney talk about job creation. you didn't create jobs under bain or when you were government of massachusett
these kinds of tragedies are about, he's the president of the united states, four people died while he was president. of course he knows what it's about. to take it out of context is the crime that mccain has done, and so many of these conservative talkers have done. let's listen exactly to what stewart said. this is the question he asked and listen to the word that he used to cue the president. >> prior to the investigation helping the communication between these divisions not just what happened in bengahzi, but what happened within. i don't know, i would say even you would admit that it was not the optimal response to at least the american people as far as us all being on the same page. >> they were afghani a conversation. the interviewer said optimal. the president said optimal back. that was the it mr. mccain. here is kelly iot. >> the president's statement today was astounding. the murder of four americans is tragic and totally unacceptable. and i would say this is part of a bigger pattern. do you remember the leaking that they did when things went well, particularly how quickly t
here in the united states. [ applause ] >> cenk: and more elbows than you can shake your first at. go time! >> obama: i said if i got bin laden in sights, i would take that shot. >> the president was way too aggressive. >> the president was more articulate. >> he was more coherent and presidential. >> romney: we can't kill our way out of this mess. >> mitt romney is hiding a bunch of positions. >> romney: our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> obama: governor, we also have few horses and bayonets. >> horses were ridden by our troops. >> sweat. >> romney: the same point the president made. >> romney lost his timing. almost completely. >> romney sounded downright dubbish. >> obama: he's proposed reckless policies. >> marines still use bayonets. >> obama: the question is not game of battleship. >> you sunk my battleship. >> let's not go into hypotheticals. >> it is two weeks until election day. >> cenk: this is fun! last night, we had the final presidential debate about foreign policy. pr
this year. 65% of the united states has been affected by a very widespread and extreme drought this year. food prices have been affected. much of the west, including the epic fire in colorado springs was on fire this summer. we have seen this over and over again. pakistan. here in nashville two years ago we had what they called a once in a thousand year downpour. thousands of my neighbors lost their homes and businesses and had no flood insurance because it had never ever flooded in the areas that were flooded. so people here in nashville have their hearts going out to the folks in new york city and new jersey and the other areas affected by hurricane sandy. we've been through it down here, too. >> jennifer: well, what is so frustrating is there are an awful lot of science-denying senators running for office who obviously are completely turning their backs on the clear science, as you say. rayberg is running against john tester in montana. he calls climate change mitigation policies unnecessary and economically
these people? they've been waiting for you. >> obama: as president of the united states. >> i'll move you on. >> romney: he got the first question, so i will get the last answer. >> in the follow-up it doesn't quite work like that but i'll give a chance, i promise you i'm going to. the next question is for you. if you want to continue on, but i don't want to leave all these guys sitting here. >> romney: candy, candy, i had a question how much did you cut them by. >> obama: i'm happy to answer the question. >> romney: you'll get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. >> cenk: my favorite when he does this, he spoke last, i get to speak, it's not fair. [ sobbing ] i love what he does. i'll bring in friends here. mark hamill is back. you might remember him as luke skywalker and he has a new movie coming out in january. michael shure is in san francisco. jayar jackson is in the studio here, so we have all these guys to talking to. mark, the last time you were in the studio you said in the high school debate they would say wait a minute, you got to be hospital, and you got to check your fac
the president of the united states, governor christie arm in arm. >> in some places the ocean covering the island. >> this hit people very hard. it will hit them in the pockets. i think they'll all be counting on fema to help them through. >> a search and rescue mission. >> does visiting here helped a lot of comfort. >> please if you have an extra dollar or two send them along. >> governor christie throughout this process has been responsive. he has put his heart and soul to make sure that people of new jersey bounce back. >> what will happen on november november 7th, november 7th. >> cenk: you know he really shouldn't remind them. that's the guy running for president. not knowing what day the election is. oops. on the other hand, republicans and democrats coming together in bipartisanship. we knew it could happen. it didn't happen for four long years, but a week before the election. here comes president obama into new jersey, and he's going to be working hand in hand with governor chris christie in new jersey as they go around the state trying to see what people need for rescue clean
and that storm hitting the east coast of the united states now. it is shutting everything down in new york today including other cities including wall street. it has done that tomorrow. subways, stock market, all closed. so now we're going to discuss whether this has something to do with climate change, which unfortunately you won't see with a lot of outlets. we'll talk about the politics of it in just a minute. first, as i tell you about how the media is not focusing on climate change, it's amazing because they're literally getting battered by the storm and still not recognizing it. here is a collection of media reports on hurricane sandy. >> obama: ref pre-positioned assets where local personnel is working with state governments and we we have resources available for those communities hardest hit. i'm grateful for the cooperation of our state and local officials. conversations at this point there are no unmet needs. i think everyone is taking this very seriously. >> cenk: that was not a compilation of weather reports. we'll have that late for you in the show. that's president obama respond tog
of the united states of america have been frat brothers. that's kind of depressing stat. well, who fits that bill in this race? paul ryan, boy was he a frat brother. that's his picture from back in the day from the from aterty. whatfrom the from fraternity. what a dork. he has been taking money from fraternityies and $75,000 from the national beer wholesalers association since 1998, and could not get them what they wanted which was slashed taxes for brewers. noticing what a frat boy he was manhattan put this billboard up saying doesn't paul ryan remind you of every frat guy you regret sleeping with? not in my case, luckily. ouch. i'm not sure you would have gone in that direction. steve, can you bring back the picture for me? really? this paul ryan picture from back in the day when he was a frat brother? he was a delta delta-delta. i'm not sure that you would sleep with him any way. it's paul ryan,. [ laughing ] i don't know if they went too far, but it was fun any way. thank yo
bracket, the best equality. the most inequality? the united states of america is off the charts. after all that--let me show you something about corporate welfare. social welfare $59 billion. corporate welfare $92 billion. this is who is getting the welfare. after all that john theyne may be the treasure secretary. he ran merrill lynch into the ground. he asked for $10 million in a buy newsbonus after a bankrupt. they lost over $11 billion. you lose $11.67 billion, and then you ask for a $10 million bonus? that's the entitlement complex that the top percent have, and mitt romney, you're putting that guy in charge of treasury? they have no bounds of reason. when we come back, gary johnson libertarian candidate for president. >> time is running out. will you choose to pull yourself out of thedomly mindset. this november, don't throw your vote away supporting the status quo. vote libertarian. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, e
that this is not his favorite thing to do, and if you are the president of the united states with missiles and armies at your command a lot of sometimes you don't have to do what you don't want to do. certainly he needed to take it a bit more seriously in my opinion. i think he'll take it a bit more seriously from now on and i think we'll see a different set of circumstances in the town hall meeting in a couple of days. >> cenk: i didn't know the denver story. that is an interesting insight to it. i want to go to the moderator issue. jim lehrer was criticized. watch this. >> right right. >> let's just stay on taxes. >> well, but virtually everything he just said about my tax plan is inaccurate. >> all right. >> we're way over our first 15 minutes. >> fun. >> it's great: no problem. if you don't have a problem. i don't have a problem. >> jim, the president began the segment so i think i get the last word. >> but i think you get the first word in the next segment. >> but he got the first word and-- >> cenk: that was not president. jim lehrer put out a statement. i thought the for nat accomplished its
jobs overseas, or we can open new plants, train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states. >> then, remember this? >> tonight mitt romney will decide whether or not he's going to go back on "the view." plus billboards go up in minority neighborhoods in swing states. take a look at this. >> i was outraged when i saw it last night. everybody in that community is outraged. to keep people in this community, particularly black people from vote. >> from gone shots to job threats. the intimidation continues. "the young turks" are fighting back. plus the elbow of the day. cenk and his wife welcomed a new baby girl name joy. ladies and gentlemen, it's joy time. >> tonight on "the young turks." >> barack obama just got knocked out. >> the great debate part ii. which obama will show up. >> no, um, and. >> fiery obama. >> the senator and the candidate he was in 2008. >> it is going great. >> aren't town halls the format that the president likes. >> we can't borrowing from the chinese and sending it to saudi rain isaudi arabia. >> he is out of practice. >> does romney connect wi
, to insure that our manufacturing base is right back here in the united states opposed to overseas. the work we've done in increasing oil and gas production and clean energy, putting americans back to work, including veteran veterans rebuilding roads and bridges. those are all designed to make sure we have more rebust future that that was not that good of an answer. hey look here are these numbers. this is why it's really important. when asked about the next four terms. the first team like the second, only 4% want that. that's a horrible number. expect major changes 62%. now, is president obama in that answer offering major changes? it doesn't sound like it. that's a big problem for it, and mitt romney is trying to capitalize on that. this is what he says on the campaign trail. >> this is a time when america faces big challenges. we have a big election. we have a president who bring big changes. i will and he won't. >> cenk: well, the president has 11 days. he has got to some how tell the american people, hey, don't worry, the next four years will be much, much better because we have great p
down but the storm is going throughout the united states of america as we speak. so now back to new jersey. well, chris christie has an interesting idea about halloween. maybe we should cancel it this year or move it. >> i can't imagine that it's going to be safe for kids to go around for halloween in most parts of the state. we're going to make an assessment of that during the day today. if we to have reschedule halloween for another day we want kids to have halloween but we want them to be safe and alive. >> i didn't know you could reschedule halloween. can you reschedule christmas? maybe chris christie could. he was praising president obama as we showed you in the last segment, but not the democratic mayor of atlantic city. they had words about who's fault it was that people were still stuck in atlantic city. let's watch that. >> in atlantic city, we are for whatever reason mayor langford urged people to stay in shelters in the city, despite my admonition to evacuate, he gave them comfort for some reason to stay. so for those of you on the barrier islands who decided it was a bet
's that he's not looking out for you so when he's governor of massachusetts or president of the united states, it's not going to be delivered for for you but for himself and the top 1%. there was something very telling in the debate that no one else picked up on. let me roll it and tell i couldn't it's compelling. >> romney: the top 5% will pay as they do today. i'm not looking to cut taxes for rich people. >> cenk: me help the rich? i would never dream of it, please. no no, we would never have any of it. wait a minute, why did you frame it as a top 5%, when you look at the 2009 federal income tax look at that, they had 31.7% of the income. the top 5% did. but they paid 58.7% of federal income tax. that's purposely misleading. most of us pay more money in other forms of tax payroll tax sales tax, etc. when you take into fact local and state taxes you know what the top 5% pay? they get 35.3% of the income, as you can say in 2011 and they pay 37.1% of the taxes. so that is not a very progressive tax system at all. and so why is romney saying they pay 60% of the taxes when in reality when you t
you imagine if barack obama won the electoral college became president of the united states again, and he had not won the popular vote? republican reaction would probably go something like this. [ explosion sound ] >> oh, my god! four more years. he didn't win the popular vote. what do you think they'd do? >> they'd lose their minds. but as you said that's not too bad a thing to see heads explode when it's something affecting them. when something affects a certain group of people when it comes to health care, sending your husband off to war no one cares exactly what is happening until it affects them. what war are they going to? my wife is going to this june that's a really interesting point. there is no way that we're going to change the electoral college in my the republicans lose an election because of the electoral college. we already had the democrats lose an incredibly important one. it's all in the electoral college, it's constitutional. wait if it's reversed. the electoral college is a wash. i don't want it, though. i really don't want it, because they're going to go balli
starved states instead of being helped by the federal government or the private company with the lowest bid or bigger donor should get the morals. crises always unite americans from earthquakes to wizards, to acts of terror and when we're under siege, we respond together. we hope our homes, hearts and wallets to our friends and families and even strangers under the same flag and mitt romney predictably flip flopped on disaster relief today. and in honor of this we have literally put a massive flip flop in our mitts flips corner. so why would mitt romney change his mind so dramatically? because that's the popular position. that's the position of this moment. he swore to something different at a different moment. he will literally go whichever way the wind blows. who is this man? who not only abandoned his fellow citizens in their time of need but will toss aside his own convictions as soon as they are politically inconvenient this is a guy who is going to do anything to get elected. honestly, how can any american how can anyone have any faith that mitt romney care
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)